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Friday, April 21, 2006

Marginalized Baloch of Pakistani (a.k.a. Punjabi) Occupied Balochistan

The total population of Pakistani occupied Balochistan is 6.5 million, of which 3.25 million are Baloch, 2.75 million are Pashtuns and 0.5 million are other races.

The Pakistani government has systematically marginalized the local Baloch population. Below is a list of institutionalized injustices directed specifically at the Baloch:

  1. The 33,000 strong Balochistan Constabulary has only 900 serving Baloch;
  2. The 12,000 strong Coast Guard has only 90 Baloch on its rolls;
  3. The famous Baluch Regiment of Pakistan Army does not recruit Baloch officers/soldiers among its ranks;
  4. Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL), a semi-government company that is responsible for the extraction and distribution of natural gas from Balochistan does not give jobs to Baloch youth as a matter of policy (a few hundred Bugti tribesmen, a major tribe of Baloch, are on the its roll of daily wagers just to appease the local administration);
  5. There are no senior level Baloch bureaucrats;
  6. And, the list of injustices goes on.
No wonder why the Baloch suffer from a sense of neglect, injustice and deprivation. Poverty in Balochistan is twice as high as in other provinces of Pakistan.

Natural resources of Balochistan are being exploited and looted by the Pakistanis for the benefit of non-Baloch. Army troops, weaponry, helicopters, jets, etc. are being used in Balochistan against the Baloch.

The Pakistanis are conducting a systematic “ethnic cleansing” in Balochistan and pushing the Baloch out of their ancestral land.

There are more Baloch now living in other parts of Pakistan than in Balochistan. There is a sizeable Baloch population in Sind, especially in Karachi. Dera Ghazi Khan district, Muzaffargah district, and Rahim Yar Khan district of Punjab are heavily populated by ethnic Baloch. And, in NWFP, Dera Ismail Khan district has a large population of displaced Baloch.

Dialogue with the Pakistanis over the last 58 years has produced no positive results for the Baloch. Therefore, the only way to end this blatant injustice is to secede from Pakistan.

Mir Azaad Khan Baloch
General Secretary

Desk of The Government of Balochistan in Exile
The World Baloch Jewish Alliance Building
PO Box 5631

Jerusalem, 91000


  • My dear.

    Baloch are Partly jews as a big number of the efream tribe in anciant time moved from egept to cannaan,summer ,Iran, sistan and balochistan and now mostly the present tribe of Rakhshani and notani are the Efraem sons who still keept the culture, the jews names , the character , the biblical stories and alot more.

    even the bible said the comming prophet will rise from jthe lost tribe who lossted in thier enemies
    which are iranians .

    I have searched many a bout this facts if you want to know more
    you can contact me and I will tell you how the baloch jews are the most pure who never mixed with their enemy by blood .

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Monday, May 01, 2006  

  • Vajah vash baty.

    We have graet concern about the real existing of this organazation also allot of other baloch . It will be very help full and give you a great prestage if the brother contry of Israel offer to you a Radio balochi program in there. then you will be amazed how baloch can trust you. right now they are very cosious because Iran can terror any one any where in the world as they know the baloch are thier worst night marer and the key to bring iran to its knees.
    2-you also try to expail bout the importance of balochistan and the affects on jthe rigion and world and to bring it to the attention of US law makers and Eu , forget the Russia and India . kthe israel, usa and eu is enogh for us.
    3-make agroup of 10 commarad from each part of balochistan , afghansitan ,iran and pakistan at first to keep regular contact.
    4- make a ways for 23 baloch highly educated entellect to work and reaserch and start a PhD in university of US Canada and England and Israel to make a path .
    5- get fund for magazines weekly and new media of baloch.
    6- encourage governments to creat Baloch associations in many parts of world and community centres.
    7-try have strong contacts with law makers of US to convince them for this cause.
    tell the baloch to put aside the deffirent idialogys and religions and go for the freedom of baloch at firts then to have a national ID (not trible).
    then go for a democratic style of system for balochistan that every buddy can breath easily.
    One of my great concern is this:
    See while just right now in Afghansitan they have democtratic regiem ,and it is under the west influence But unfortunetely still the great Nimruz Province is under rule of non Baluch which the governer is not baloch and even tough he is from the same province who oppose and greatly rejects baloch as they listen to Iran and
    they keept baloch under triple afflictions.
    It is time that the Nimrooz province governer must be a b aloch and two of third part of officials must be baloch.

    this can be the bigining of this start. if truly there are interests in the future of balochistan .

    Yahuaa Sabaut save you
    God of Ibrahim and Jacob

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wednesday, May 03, 2006  

  • Dear friend of the Baloch,

    This is certainly insightful information. In fact, the “Ten Lost Tribes of Israel” are:
    1. GAD
    4. ASHER
    5. DAN (found and confirmed, late 1980s)
    6. ZEBULON (ZEBULUN, ZEVULON, a.k.a. brother to NAFTALI tribe)
    7. ISSACHAR (a.k.a. YITZACHAR)
    9. EFRAIM
    10. NAFTALI

    And, through additional research, we could prove that the Baloch are descendents of the tribe of Efraim.

    Please email me information about the Baloch Jews at:

    Mir Azaad Khan Baloch
    General Secretary
    The Government of Balochistan in Exile

    By Blogger Govt. of Balochistan, at Friday, May 05, 2006  

  • Dear friend of the Baloch,

    Thank you for your sharing your ideas to make an independent Balochistan a reality.

    1. The Government of Israel is not financially or morally supporting the Baloch cause. We are on our own to start a Balochi radio station. Perhaps with sufficient funds available, Government of Balochistan in Exile may start such a Radio station.

    2. India is one of the neighboring countries, and it’s very important for the Baloch to align with them. Russia has helped the Baloch freedom movement in the past, and there is a high likelihood that they will assist the Baloch once again. And, of course, EU, Israel and the US consider Iran and Pakistan a threat to global peace, and therefore, they should support the Baloch cause.

    3. Great idea! Once we have our website constructed, we would like to incorporate your suggestion about nominating representatives of GOB (Exile) from each of the three occupied sections of Balochistan in Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan.

    4. This is another great idea from you to promote and support Baloch Studies at various universities around the world. We have many qualified Baloch intellectuals who could provide their services to set up educational facilities.

    5. Fundraising activities, as suggested by you, are an important part of keeping the flames of Baloch freedom movement alive. These funds can be utilized for Balochi language magazines, newspapers, etc.

    6. Establishing Baloch associations and community centers throughout the world can be important places for our people to unite, exchange ideas, discuss concerns, and promote awareness about Balochistan in each respective host country.

    7. Some of our expatriate Baloch have already contacted various US lawmakers and sensitized them about incidents of human rights violations of the Baloch people by Iran and Pakistan. It is important for us to lobby the US Congress to be supportive of the Baloch freedom movement.

    8. We advocate democracy, liberalism and secularism in the new Balochistan. It is very important that we should set our difference aside and focus on being united to fight our enemies.

    9. Afghanistan has always supported the Baloch freedom movement in Iran and Pakistan. Today, democracy is flourishing in Afghanistan. The Baloch people of Nimruz province in Afghanistan should vote during next election to bring about any changes in their province’s governing body.

    Mir Azaad Khan Baloch
    General Secretary
    The Government of Balochistan in Exile

    By Blogger Govt. of Balochistan, at Friday, May 05, 2006  

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