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Sunday, May 21, 2006

“Baloch are Pygmies!” says General Pervez Musharraf

It inflames the feelings of the Baloch people to be labeled as a pygmy race! In Greek Mythology, a pygmy is a member of a race of dwarfs. Below are a few definitions of a pygmy:

  1. A member of any of various peoples, especially of equatorial Africa and parts of southeast Asia, having an average height less than 5 feet (127 centimeters). Not in scientific use.
  2. An individual of unusually small size.
  3. An individual considered to be of little or no importance.
  4. Unusually or atypically small.
  5. Unimportant; trivial.

In an exclusive interview, Musharraf insists: I'm not George Bush's poodle , the Pakistani military dictator, General Pervez Musharraf, made a racial remark to Declan Walsh and Simon Tisdall of the Guardian Unlimited (UK) by stating that the Baloch are “pygmies” and their struggle for freedom are simply “pin pricks”.

The Pakistani press calls the Baloch freedom fighters, “miscreants”, which is defined as:

  1. An evildoer; a villain.
  2. An infidel; a heretic.
  3. A person without moral scruples.
  4. A person of the highest degree of unworthiness.
  5. Somebody who behaves in a dishonest, malicious, or otherwise contemptible way.

Officers in the armed forces of Pakistan tell their soldiers that the Baloch are Sardar-worshipping infidels who must be eliminated to cleanse and purify the Islamic Republic of Pakistan (definition of the word Pakistan is “Land of the Pure”).

Colonizers of Balochistan systematically and verbally assault the intellect of Baloch people with similar insults on a daily basis. However, it is quite surprising that the Baloch nation is awfully silent about being disgraced in such a manner! A respectable nation will rise and punch the face of anyone who would dare to insult them in such a manner. It is high time for the Baloch people to show the Punjabi-dominated Pakistan that they cannot take the Baloch people for granted any longer.

Now, the Pakistani authorities have decided that they will smear the honor of respectful Baloch women from noble families by putting their names on the Exit Control List (ECL). It would not be long before the Pakistanis will arrest Baloch women, disrobe and rape them, shave their heads, and then let them walk naked on the streets of Balochistan; it is a Muslim Punjabi tradition which is commonly practiced to this day in various parts of Pakistan's Punjab province to inflict insult on anyone who opposes the writ of the local thug.

On the night of January 2, 2006, Dr. Shazia Khalid, an ethnic Sindhi, was gang-raped by Pakistani military personnel. Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, chieftain of the Bugti tribe, understood the mentality of the Pakistani occupation forces. He knew that if a guest of the Baloch people were raped today, it would not take very long before the Pakistanis will dishonor a Baloch daughter, sister, wife and mother.

So, instead of being silent about the incident or its future ramifications on the Baloch nation, Nawab Bugti chose to fight for justice. He knew that if he did not do anything today, then tomorrow the women in his household, his tribe, and his Baloch nation would suffer the same fate as Dr. Shazia.

The recent ECL is a wake-up call for any red-blooded Baloch to get the message. It is time for every Baloch to unite under one flag and fight the “Baloch War of Independence” today! It would be a shame to wait until the Baloch womenfolk have tears in their eyes.

Mir Azaad Khan Baloch
General Secretary
The Government of Balochistan in Exile


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