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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Baloch diaspora networking with well wishers, Pakistan and Iran unhappy

IntelliBriefs wrote:

Over the past few months, IntelliBriefs sources in Europe got in touch with few prominent Baloch activists and leaders. Their concern about the ongoing military operations in Pakistan and also Iran which started recently, forced them to lobby European Parliamentarians and also organize demonstrations in front of Pakistani and Iranian Embassies -- not to mention secret meetings with western diplomats and key industry captains.

With Iran simmering with ethnic unrest, we predict US will take full advantage in supporting Baloch nationalists in Sistan-va-Baluchistan. A prominent Norway activist has written letters to Israel and U.S. embassies (we are in receipt of these letters) requesting a meeting to discuss possible cooperation that Baloch Diaspora can extend in fighting terrorism. Though we don't know the response of Israel and U.S., one can be sure that these governments can engage in backdoor negotiations with these activists using their agents.

The younger generation of Baloch leaders have closed their ranks and united in their struggle against Iranian and Pakistani Governments, a feat which was never seen in Baloch Nationalism, says some analysts. This time Baloch have realized that the situation is "Now or Never", so all efforts are underway to mobilize resources to campaign for a independent state. In this effort they are approaching all well-wishers including Hindus and Jews. Sources say Hindu groups are in touch with Baloch activists and constantly advising them, however when IntelliBriefs contacted some groups they deny such links.

A Pakistani intelligence official pointed out a Hindutva website,'s forum and said "these guys are fanning Baloch 'terror' attacks and call them as Freedom Fighters". A Hindu Unity activist countered by saying "Hindus are just extending moral support to Balochis, who are the rightful owners of Baloch land. Time has come for Punjabi Jihadis to fold their tail between their legs and leave Balochistan", and further said that it would be the end of Pakistan as a Nation. IntelliBriefs when spoke with Indians who keep tabs on South Asian affairs say Pakistan is in the final stage of balkanization, one can see all signs, and cautioned Indian leadership to take necessary steps.

Speaking on condition of anonymity a retired Pakistani Military official said, "This time we are at receiving end, they (Baloch) made our army immobile and morale of our guys is at all time low."

For now Baloch nationalists are in upper hand, not a single day passes without a rocket attack on Pakistani army and blowing up of railway tracks.



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