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Monday, June 19, 2006

BBC Interviews Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti


KALAT, Balochistan -- The Pakistani military regime has alleged that they have killed 5 Baloch freedom fighters, but the Bugti tribal chief, Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti has contradicted the allegation and said that only innocent people were murdered.

In reference to discussions with the Pakistani authorities, Bugti said, “They are communicating with us through the use of cannons, fighter jets, deep penetration bombs; these are such great dialogues that they are having loud discussions with us.”

In Pakistani occupied Balochistan, the Para-military forces claim that during a military operation in the Sui area, five Baloch freedom fighters were killed and seven were arrested. Members of the security forces allege that they confiscated a large cache of weapons from them.

Bugti stated that Pakistani armed forces used artillery shelling and helicopter gunship in a military operation on innocent civilians, and have killed numerous women and children.

“First, four F-16 fighter jets arrived and started bombing. Then, eleven helicopters reached the area from Sui, and they started strafing and bombing the people, their tents, and any visible structure, one’s that are made of mud,” said Bugti.

BBC reporter asked, “But the government says that they were camps belonging to Baloch resistance forces?”

Bugti sarcastically replied, “Sure, according to them, the resistance forces have camps all over Balochistan. But, I’m telling you about this particular incident. And, they will tell you that everywhere there are camps belonging to resistance forces. Anyways, this military operation resulted in the deaths of 12 women and children, 4 men who were non-combatants, 400 to 500 sheep and goats, camels and donkeys. Also, rockets hit two vehicles.”

He added, “People have moved away from here, but few had returned (to plow and sow their fields) because of recent rainfall, but their crops were destroyed. We found out later that people from surrounding areas brought in 13 dead bodies to Sui, and more than 20 who were injured were taken to Rahim Yar Khan and other places.”

BBC reporter inquired, “Some newspapers published that you allege that a few helicopters were shot down.”

Bugti was annoyed and curtly replied, “I’m not ‘alleging’, we have shot down two helicopters. To call it ‘allegation’, it is a slant that so-and-so has ‘alleged’ something. Why don’t you refer to the government and say that they ‘allege’ something?“

“What do we know? We also state that the government ‘alleges’ something. We don’t know because we have not witnessed it,” said BBC reporter in his defense.

“Why don’t you use the term ‘allege’ for both parties?” asked Bugti.

He calmed down and said, “Anyways, two helicopters were involved according to our information. It didn’t happen in front of me because I was far away from the incident, but according to information, two helicopters were shot down.”

The BBC reporter interjected, “So, will there be discussions and these problems will get resolved, or the situation will remain the same and innocent people will continue to suffer?”

Bugti quipped, “Yes, yes, they are communicating with us through the use of these cannons, fighter jets, deep penetration bombs; these are such great dialogues that they are having loud discussions with us.”

He concluded, “Now, those who have imposed a war on us (the Baloch nation), it is appropriate for them to decide where they want to direct the discussions. Because Pakistan is a terrorist state, uniformed terrorists are killing the people and destroying anything and everything. These uniformed terrorists think they are invincible.”

Baloch News Bureau Report

Mir Azaad Khan Baloch
General Secretary
The Government of Balochistan in Exile


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