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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Dr. Naseer Dashti: A plan to liberate Balochistan


KALAT, Balochistan -- A prominent Baloch nationalist, Dr. Naseer Dashti, gave a moving speech at a seminar on May 28th, 2006 held at London University under the auspices of Balochistan National Movement (Iran). His speech had a strong and lasting effect on those Baloch who are truly sincere about liberating Balochistan. The Government of Balochistan (GOB) in Exile is in a position to implement many of the ideas presented by Dr. Dashti in his speech.

The Persian and Punjabi forces in Iran and Pakistan illegally occupied Balochistan, and they have systematically oppressed the ethnic Baloch people. The cruelty mete out by the occupation forces on the Baloch population has violated all standards of human rights. Also, blatant usurping of natural resources from Balochistan has further inflamed Baloch sentiments, as Balochistan remains one of the poorest and least developed regions in the world.

Hence, the Baloch are now left with only two options:

1. To continue living as slaves of the Persian/Punjabi occupying forces, and remain an oppressed nation; or

2. Chose liberty and live as a free nation.

According to Dr. Dashti, “The happenings in Balochistan during the past few years have created an atmosphere of enthusiasm, determination, and a sense of immense patriotism among every Baloch inside Balochistan or in Diaspora. For many Baloch this new phase of Baloch resistance may be the beginning of the realization of Baloch dream of liberation and perhaps many among us may be fantasizing to become the citizen of an independent Balochistan in near future.”

Below are few of the questions that Dr. Dashti wanted answered, and the views expressed are those of GOB (Exile) and its supporters:

What is the ultimate aim of Baloch resistance?

It is to end the occupation of Balochistan by Iran and Pakistan, and to negotiate with the Afghan government about demarking the border of Afghanistan and Balochistan on ethnic lines. Traditional Baloch areas must become parts of united Balochistan, and Pashtun areas can chose to join Afghanistan.

Who are the representatives of the Baloch masses?

A Baloch leader must “earn” the respect of the Baloch masses to be their representative. In order to do that, one must prove their loyalty to Balochistan and the Baloch nation. If Abdul Malik Rigi organized Jundullah to fight the Iranian armed forces, then he is representing the Baloch masses. If Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, at the ripe old age of 79, is fighting the “Baloch War of Independence” from the mountains of Balochistan alongside the Baloch Freedom Fighters, then he has earned the privilege to lead the Baloch nation. If Nawabzada Balaach Marri is leading the Marri tribesmen into battle against the Pakistani armed forces, he has earned his position to be a Baloch leader. If Sardar Akhtar Mengal and Senator Sanaullah Baloch openly oppose the Pakistani military regime’s policies towards the Baloch people, then they have proven that they are not afraid to speak up and openly show their allegiance to Balochistan. There are many more patriotic Baloch who have earned the respect of the Baloch masses and are now in a position to lead.

But, if brother Mir Jam Muhammad Yousaf supports the Pakistani military regime in murdering Baloch men, women and children, then he has earned the title of traitor, and under no circumstance he is allowed to lead the Baloch masses. If sister Zubaida Jalal does not use her position in the Pakistani government to object to the atrocities being committed on the Baloch population, then she has no right to represent the Baloch masses. However, there are other concerned Baloch politicians in the establishment who are using their position to get involved in discussions to stop the military operations in Balochistan. The Baloch masses are aware of these politicians, and know that they are sincere.

How the masses should be lead in the tortuous task of achieving the objective of national liberation?

The following steps will simplify the task of liberating Balochistan:

1. Form a Government of Balochistan with a head of state, flag and capital [DONE]

2. Unite all Baloch political parties with aspirations to liberate Balochistan under one flag [IN PROCESS]

3. Create Baloch militia to combat enemy forces [DONE]

4. Involve various Baloch groups to work on the liberation movement [IN PROCESS]

5. Open offices throughout the world [IN PROCESS]

6. Organize Baloch in occupied territory as well as Baloch Diaspora [IN PROCESS]

7. Establish diplomatic relations with foreign governments [IN PROCESS]

8. Initiate revenue sources to support the “Baloch War of Independence” and GOB (Exile) [IN PROCESS]

What will be the reaction of international community towards Baloch demand of national self-determination?

The GOB (Exile) is creating international awareness about the Baloch demand for national self-determination through the Internet and face-to-face meetings with policy makers in various countries. The idea to open offices throughout the world is to unite and organize Baloch Diaspora, educate the host country about Balochistan, and initiate grass-root support for the Baloch cause to influence policy makers in those countries.

Mir Azaad Khan Baloch, General Secretary of GOB (Exile) said, “So far, GOB (Exile) is very pleased with the positive responses received from people of non-Baloch ethnicity from all over the world. The international community is very supportive of the Baloch freedom fighters that are actively engaged in liberating Balochistan. The only people who have objected and vowed to treat those involved with GOB (Exile) as traitors are the Persians and the Punjabis.”

According to Mr. Baloch, some of Dr. Dashti’s suggestions that are actively being pursued by GOB (Exile) are:


1. The United Fronts of all resistance movements and political organizations, groups and individuals should be formed without wasting any time for the completion of formalities on both sides of Goldsmid line.

2. The leadership of the United Front as well as the propaganda machinery on both internal and external front should control the political and armed resistance.

3. The form of struggle should be seen as part of a series of changing processes or forms, which may be decided according to the given situation.

4. What ever be the mode of struggle at the moment, the United Front should be of the conviction that both political and economic powers are inalienable rights of the people of Balochistan. Its mission therefore should be to contribute to the task of total political and economic liberation of Balochistan.


1. There should not be any ambiguity regarding the ultimate goal of Baloch resistance. The aims and objective of the resistance movement should be loud, clear and understandable not only to the general public, but also to the occupying establishments and to the wider international community.

2. Wavering between the rhetoric of mastering the natural resources of Baloch, maximum provincial autonomy or federalism is creating confusion and a condition of uncertainty among the Baloch masses and international community about the real targets of Baloch resistance.

3. The Baloch masses must be given a clear target and that should be the right of self-determination for Baloch people on both sides of Goldsmid line.

4. The fear of ruthless rebuttal from Iran and Pakistan should not be presented as the logic for not pronouncing the ultimate aim of the nation for a united independent Balochistan. The sky will not come down further on the shoulders of Baloch leadership, political cadres and organizations; it is already there with its full weight. The Baloch land is already drenched with the blood of political activists and innocent women and children. Baloch will lose nothing except what they have lost earlier.


1. There comes a time in the life of every nation to take some unpleasant steps in order to safeguard the collective political and social well being of the nation. This time has arrived for Baloch nation. Visible lines should be drawn which should enable Baloch people to choose between supporting occupying forces (directly or indirectly) and their own resistance movement.

2. Hypocrites and persons and organizations of dubious characters should be exposed and be politically and socially isolated.

3. The question of the United Front of nationalists should not be to win over the support of the established collaborators and opportunist leadership and their political organizations; rather it should concern the unity of the genuine nationalists themselves.

4. Baloch United Fronts should struggle against the opportunist ideas, and the groups who are claiming to be nationalist while justifying capitulation and surrender at the same time causing confusions in the ranks of political activists and masses.


1. The pure myth of invincibility of our enemies, which has been propagated by the enemy with the help of collaborators within Baloch lines, should be exposed to the Baloch masses in a convincing manner.

2. Pakistan is an international basket case and its economy (if there is any) is being kept alive artificially on the donations of Western Powers. All the institutions, which are considered to be the pillars on which the structure of a state is erected, are rotten and even the faith and trust of Punjabi masses on the long-term sustainability of state is evaporating. In all practical purposes today’s Pakistan as a state is a house of cards and can implode with a little pressure.

3. The Persian State is also at the verge of collapse for quite different reasons. The implosion of Persian State will be caused by 25 years of economic, social and cultural mismanagement under the fanatical rule of Ayatollahs. The imminent international economic sanctions and military actions against Iran in near future will be the last nails into the coffin of a rogue Persian Empire.

4. It should be the moral duty of United Fronts to expose and identify Baloch individuals and groups acting with façades of intellectualism and nationalist slogans and creating pessimism and confusion among Baloch masses. They instill fear in the hearts of the Baloch masses about the strength of the occupying forces of the enemy. They use this strategy to intimidate and defeat the Baloch people into accepting subjugation.


1. The role of international community in the furtherance of national cause of subjugated nations in pivotal.

2. In the contemporary world, new dimensions are being witnessed in international affairs since the fall of Soviet Union. It is imperative for a resistance movement to understand the ground realities of international polity.

3. The West’s overwhelming threat perception from Islamic militancy and fundamentalism are developing some sort of hope among the oppressed nationalities in Islamic and fundamentalist states.

4. On the international level a polarization of forces has occurred. There are forces of fundamentalism and terrorism creating chaos and instability. There are forces, which would like the world to be a safe place for all humanity.

5. Baloch must take side in this conflict and it should be clearly and loudly be declared that Baloch are on the side of the international forces fighting against religious fundamentalism and international terrorism.


1. Fundamentalist, religious and rogue states are increasingly under pressure from world community to reform their social, economic and political systems. International pressure is highest on the countries where Baloch are being subjugated as a nationality.

2. Iran has been portrayed by the West as the bastion of international terrorist activities and center of militant Islam. There is the wide spread belief among the political observers on international affairs that a major strike by Western Powers is on card against Pakistan after the castration and taming of Iranian militancy. The destruction or demilitarization of Pakistani and Persian state institutions and military apparatus is among the prime objectives of Western alliance.

3. This situation is a god given opportunity for the Baloch.

4. Assistance from any quarter must be sought and welcomed regardless of this assistance coming from right or left, east or west, god or devil.

5. It should be the moral duty of every Baloch to exploit the prevailing international situation in the favor of Baloch national resistance and contribute to the fulfillment of the mission of emancipation.

6. Baloch Diaspora can play an important role by convincing parliamentarians, political parties and civil society in their respective countries in favor of Baloch cause.

According to Dr. Dashti, “It is highly imperative for the Baloch to walk on the ground and work within the given geo-strategic situation of the new world. National resistance is successful but only when backed by firm resoluteness, clear ideology and robust leadership.

“Our minor weaknesses and deficiencies should not be allowed to be used as a tool for defeatist and hypocritical elements within our ranks to convince the people that actual phase for the struggle for national rights should be put off because we have not achieved an adequate level of preparation and organization.”

In support of Dr. Dashti, Mr. Baloch added, “GOB (Exile) has received numerous letters from courageous Baloch from all corners of the world who are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for Balochistan. It is certainly a noble gesture to die for one’s people and country.”

He said, “Many more Baloch have volunteered to work for GOB (Exile), and we have assigned them tasks to help the Baloch cause. They are certainly doing a great job of organizing the Baloch community into a force to be reckoned with. Those who understand the importance of GOB (Exile) are spreading the word among the Baloch community to join our movement to liberate Balochistan under one flag. To realize our centuries-old dream of national liberation we have to continue the struggle with all our strength.”

Baloch News Bureau Report

Mir Azaad Khan Baloch
General Secretary
The Government of Balochistan in Exile


  • Freedom is the mother of Peace & Prosperity. Peace can`t be estalished without Freedom. Freedom is acheived through continious struggle without any intervals and peace talks as these are the ingrediens to weaken the
    process of the struggle which leads to victory. Only Victory is the big brother of the goal which is called, "F R E E D O M":

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sunday, June 18, 2006  

  • Dear friend of the Baloch,

    Since the illegal occupation of Balochistan by Iran and Pakistan, the Baloch leadership swung between peace talks and resistance movement, and we have now realized that it was a big mistake to lose momentum in our struggle for freedom. You are absolutely right that these intervals weakened our resolve to liberate Balochistan; but now, we are striving for continuous struggle without any breaks and hope for victory. Freedom will come only if we are victorious.

    Viva Balochistan!

    Mir Azaad Khan Baloch
    General Secretary
    The Government of Balochistan in Exile

    By Blogger Govt. of Balochistan, at Monday, June 19, 2006  

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