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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Pakistani military regime uses deceptive propaganda in occupied Balochistan


KALAT, Balochistan – The Pakistani Governor of occupied Balochistan, Owais Ghani, is now waving the white flag to hold talks with the Baloch leaders. His gesture might “appear” sincere to appease the international community, but the ground realities are that the Pakistani military regime has intensified its military operations in Balochistan. Over 60,000 troops, several fighter jets, a dozen gunship helicopters and heavy artillery are engaged in targeting Baloch freedom fighters and non-combatant, innocent Baloch men, women, and children.

Ghani said that Balochistan has become the center of world politics now. He blamed this unnecessary attention on the internal differences of opinions between the Pakistani military regime and the oppressed Baloch people, and also on the anti-Pakistani elements that are allegedly taking advantage of Pakistan’s weaknesses.

“Balochistan issue would be resolved through talks instead of bullets,” said Ghani. He alleges that his government is currently negotiating with the Baloch leader, Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, but the details of the talks could not be revealed. However, in a recent interview given to a BBC reporter, Bugti sarcastically stated, “Yes, yes, they are communicating with us through the use of these cannons, fighter jets, deep penetration bombs; these are such great dialogues that they are having loud discussions with us.”

Ghani assured that the Pakistani military regime is taking number of steps to provide basic facilities to the people of Balochistan. He noted that his government was determined to improve the infrastructure, and that they have started different projects to provide health, education and other basic facilities in Balochistan.

Unfortunately, the only developments in sight are the rapid construction of military cantonments (garrisons) throughout Balochistan; its prime objective is to further oppress the Baloch people. The main beneficiaries of the few mega projects that are being developed are the Punjabis, not the local Baloch population. If one analyzes any recent project that is being developed in Balochistan, it becomes crystal clear that these developments are only in areas that are designed to secure and facilitate the looting of Baloch resources by the occupation forces.

“Past governments committed great excesses (for 58 years) with Balochistan, but the incumbent government would provide funds to this province (occupied territory) that is going to be more than its share,” Ghani said while addressing a national seminar in Islamabad on Monday which was attended by notable loyalist Raziq Bugti (occupied Balochistan government spokesman), Haji Muhammad Adeel (senior vice president Awami National Party -ANP), Zubaida Jalal (Federal Minister for Special Education) and Naseer Mengal (Minister of State for Petroleum).

Every successive ruler repeats the same rhetoric and promises of development to the Baloch people. But, in actuality, none of their plans are ever implemented. The funds that are allocated just vaporize and excuses are forwarded for not completing the promised projects.

According to Ghani, the educated middle class is emerging in Balochistan, and it is posing political challenge to the Baloch elite. He believes that the Bugti, Mengal and Bugti chieftains were trying to tackle the political challenge in Balochistan through brute force, which is the reason for the violence in the province. He charged that the nationalist parties are the main hurdles in implementation of the Parliamentary Committee’s recommendations.

Mir Azaad Khan Baloch, General Secretary of the Government of Balochistan (GOB) in Exile quipped, “It is ironic that the so-called governor of Pakistani occupied Balochistan is so oblivious of the reality. Either he is intentionally creating confusion or he is totally incompetent to make such ridiculous statements or he is under the influence of narcotics. He should know that every pro-Baloch website on the Internet is managed by the educated, middle class, patriotic Baloch. And, it is a known fact that these Baloch intellectuals have pledged their allegiance to Baloch leaders like Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, Nawab Khair Bux Marri, Sardar Attaullah Mengal, and all those brave Baloch commanders who are fighting the enemies of the Baloch people.”

He added, “If Ghani thinks that the Baloch loyalist who support the occupation forces in Balochistan are the sole voice of the educated middle class Baloch, then he is sadly mistaken. The Baloch nation considers these loyalists as traitors, and they will certainly receive appropriate punishment when Balochistan achieves its independence. Thanks to the Baloch community, the international pressure on the Pakistani military dictatorship of General Pervez Musharraf is going to increase in the coming days. We, the Baloch nation, have declared the ‘Baloch War of Independence’, and we shall not rest until we liberate Balochistan.”

Baloch also stated that Ghani is unaware that his own government never honored the recommendations of the Pakistani Parliamentary Committee. It was not the Baloch nationalist parties that put any hurdles; instead it was the Pakistani military regime that disregarded every recommendation that was on the list.

Recent sporadic behavior of various officials of the Pakistani military regime is either a sign of instability or a propaganda ploy to muddle the Baloch cause. These officials have started making contradictory statements to what another high level official might have said a few days earlier. It appears that there is no coordination between various segments of the government, but it may be a strategy to create confusion. A recent example is when the Pakistani Minister for Inter-Provincial Coordination, Salim Saifullah Khan, announced that the Baloch freedom fighters must surrender before any dialogues could be initiated. But now Ghani alleges that his government is negotiating with the Baloch leader, Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti.

GOB (Exile) wants the Baloch nation to be aware of the deceit and lies of the Pakistani occupation forces. The Pakistani military regime has now waged a psychological war on the Baloch people, and this can create confusion and chaos. The Baloch nation must focus on liberating Balochistan, and not allow the conniving Pakistanis to sprinkle dust in their eyes.

Baloch News Bureau Report

Mir Azaad Khan Baloch
General Secretary
The Government of Balochistan in Exile


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