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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Final verdict of the Baloch people: FREEDOM FOREVER !


Last days of the Punjabi dominated Pakistani federation: Mengal

KALAT, Balochistan – The Baloch Nationalist leader, Sardar Attaullah Mengal said that the crisis in Balochistan has finally reached the point of no return, and the Baloch people do not want to be allied with the Punjabi-dominated Pakistani federation anymore. He assured that the Balochi people would emerge victorious in this battle.

Mengal said that since the invasion of Balochistan by the Pakistani armed forces in 1948, the Baloch nation revolted five times; but the current crisis has crossed all previous conflicts and it has had the most profound effect on the entire Baloch population. He clarified that both the adversaries, the Baloch nation and the Punjabi Raj, have finally reached the point of no return and that there is not even a slight chance of any hope for a resolution.

He said, “Thousands of Balochis are sacrificing their precious lives for the defense of their homeland and culture pitted against an incomprehensible and powerful adversary, the government of Pakistan. But, I’m sure that the Baloch people will emerge victorious in this battle against the might of the enemy.”

Mengal added that the Pakistani occupation force has created a sense of hatred among the Baloch people for the military regime as well as the existence of Pakistan as a country. According to him, Balochistan and Pakistan will never be able to coexist again.

He pointed out that every government imposed on Pakistan by the Punjabi Raj since the partition of India has practiced fascism by oppressing ethnic minorities, especially the Baloch people. He added that the government’s intelligence agencies have been given unlimited powers in Pakistani-occupied Balochistan to kidnap, torture, terrorize and murder Baloch activist. According to Mengal, these ‘agencies’ are worst than the ‘imperial agencies’ as they are not even answerable to the court of law or God himself. He said that as a result, thousands of Baloch nationals in the occupied Balochistan have been abducted, tortured, terrorized and murdered by these ‘agencies’ that operate with complete impunity. He compared the present atrocities committed by the Punjabi Raj to the British Raj and said that it is worse today, and a close comparison would reveal that in the days of the British Raj, freedom of expression was permitted; but now things have deteriorated as far back as to the days of serfdom.

He was critical of the common practice by the Pakistani government for blaming the crisis in occupied Balochistan on ‘Foreign Hands’. Mengal retorted, “It is very easy to levy an allegation. Even I can allege that General Musharraf is a foreign agent, and I also reserve the right to be considered one as well. If foreign hands are involved, then why has Pakistan not lodged a strong protest against that country or elements? These are all baseless allegations concocted by the ‘agencies’.”

Mengal assured that there are no more solutions left to resolve the crisis in occupied Balochistan as the present conditions have deteriorated beyond anyone’s control; and the Baloch people have instinctively sensed the worsening of the crisis. He pointed out that the Baloch nation is now expressing their extreme hatred towards the Punjabi Raj, and they do not wish to be allied with the so-called Pakistani federation.

He said that even the best available democratic government in Pakistan has failed to deliver justice to the Baloch masses, and unless the Baloch people’s faith in the Punjabi Raj is restored, there would never be a compromise. He stated that it is only a matter of time before a verdict is reached whether the Baloch will accept Punjabi Raj or not; and it will happen regardless of this verdicts acceptance or rejection by the Pakistani government.

Mengal added that although the Pakistani federation survived after losing Bangladesh, it would crumble like a sand house if it looses one more territory. He said that although Punjabi Raj’s domination persisted since the creation of Pakistan, the only difference today is that this dominance is being perpetuated through the use of extreme and oppressive force.

“General Pervez Musharraf and his ‘agencies’ are responsible for hammering the final nail into the coffin of the so-called Pakistani federation,” said Mengal.

Mir Azaad Khan Baloch, general secretary of the newly formed Government of Balochistan (GOB) in Exile stepped forward and openly declared that the final verdict of the Baloch people is to be a free nation. He emphasized that the illegal occupation of Balochistan by the Punjabi Raj and its Pakistani federation must cease, and there should be no reason for the Baloch nation to continue wearing the chains of slavery. He assured that today the Baloch nation has risen and they demand their freedom, either through negotiations or warfare.

Baloch demanded that the United Nations must get involved immediately to finalize the liberation of Balochistan and end the “Baloch Holocaust”. He said that the Pakistani military regime has prepared plans to conduct large-scale genocide of the Baloch people. He pointed out that the Punjabi Raj has a history of crimes against humanity: in 1947, they killed over 600,000 Hindus and Sikhs, in 1971, they massacred over 3 million Bengalis; from 1973 to 1976, they butchered over 30,000 Baloch nationals; and now they have already killed more than 10,000 Baloch tribesmen either through direct military action or through starvation, thirst and denial of medical assistance to non-combatant, innocent Baloch men, women and children.

Baloch wants to shake the global community into action by emphasizing that the Punjabi Raj is committing crimes against humanity in Pakistani-occupied Balochistan and it must be stopped immediately. He said that the “Baloch Holocaust” is in progress, and the world must intervene to stop the Punjabi Raj from killing innocent men, women and children.

Baloch News Bureau Report

Mir Azaad Khan Baloch
General Secretary
The Government of Balochistan in Exile


  • As a Punjabi i am saddened that we Punjabis are being seen as causing so much grief to the great Baluchi people. You are quite right about the killing of Bengalis by pakistani forces back in the 71 war. You must realise though the common Punjabi person bears no ill will or desire to occupy Baluchistan. But power does corrupt and Punjabis being the majority in Pakistan are using their strength in population numbers to subjugate the minorities. In India the Punjabis although a very small minority are controlling the army and the economy. Fortunately we are a minority in India and we are always kept in check by other Indians. The british were the only peoples to understand the Punjabis. By just drawing a line on Punjab they let the Punjabis absolutely destroy themselves and that is exactly what happened during the partition when Punjabis muslims Sikhs and Hindus butchered each other to the tune of half a million Punjabis. But today in Pakistan it appears the Punjabis have become bullies. May your people find self rule and peace and if Punjabis are the cause of your people's grief then on behalf of all Punjabis the world over Please accept our apology.
    Sincerely Yours,
    Sardar Joginder Singh Mann
    Mehna, Punjab India.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Tuesday, August 29, 2006  

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