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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Government of Balochistan (in Exile) congratulates U.S. President George W. Bush on his country’s 230th Independence Day


KALAT, Balochistan – General Secretary of the Government of Balochistan (Exile), Mir Azaad Khan Baloch on Tuesday congratulated President George W. Bush, the 43rd President of the United States on his country’s 230th Independence Day. Mr. Baloch sent the following message:



President George W. Bush
White House
Washington, D.C.
United States of America

Dear President:

On behalf of the newly formed democratic, liberal and secular Government of Balochistan (in Exile) and the entire Baloch nation, I would like to extend our Message of Congratulations to you and the American nation on the 230th Independence Day of your great country.

As a soon-to-be sovereign country, Balochistan looks up to America as a model country to emulate. Your government has stood the test of time. Your Declaration of Independence, your Constitution with its Bill of Rights is still in practice since the Founding Fathers of your country drafted it and left it as a guiding star for all subsequent generations of Americans to follow. Your public school system is still the basis of American education. Freedom and equality brought forth by the consequences of the civil rights movement in America will make any nation proud.

American patriotism is proof of how much your people love their country. Those who have served America have been willing to give up more than they gained. They have had no idea how things would turn out. The men who have signed the Declaration knew they were declaring themselves as traitors to England and would be hung if they were caught.

The Baloch patriotism is gaining strength. Baloch freedom fighters are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to liberate Balochistan from the Islamic Republics of Iran and Pakistan. We – just like your country’s Founding Fathers – have no idea how things would turn out for us. But, for the love of our country and liberty, the Baloch nation gladly accepts to be declared traitors to Iran and Pakistan, and we are ready to face any consequences as a result.

When Patrick Henry said, “Give me liberty or give me death”, he wanted independence and liberty of a country that did not yet exist. Your Founding Fathers tried to do something that no colonial people had ever achieved before – to break away from the mother country and create their own country. They were willing to risk everything to achieve it. They were not concerned with what was going to happen in the long haul.

But, in our case, Balochistan was a sovereign country until Iran and Pakistan took away our freedom. Through brute force, the Iranian and Pakistani governments suppressed the aspirations of the Baloch people to liberate Balochistan. Our sense of nationhood was systematically crushed. But, the seed of freedom remained in our hearts. Today, that seed has sprouted and we have risen again to challenge the occupation of Balochistan by Iran and Pakistan. We want liberty or give us death, and we are willing to risk everything to achieve the independence of Balochistan.

On the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration, citizens came to John Adams in the last days of his life to ask him what they should say at the ceremony on his behalf. He thought for a minute and said, “Independence forever.”

Sir, in the spirit of this auspicious day in the history of the United States, it is important for you to realize that similar to your Founding Fathers’ desires, the Baloch people are struggling for liberty. We also want to have independence forever in Balochistan.

Yours truly,

Mir Azaad Khan Baloch
General Secretary
The Government of Balochistan in Exile


  • Some day, perhaps, the entire world will live in peace under truly democratically elected governments.

    By Blogger John, at Tuesday, July 04, 2006  

  • My dear American friend, John,

    Thank you for your kind words. Balochistan will become a democratic, liberal and secular republic in the near future.

    However, we wish you and the entire American nation a happy 4th.

    Mir Azaad Khan Baloch
    General Secretary
    The Government of Balochistan in Exile

    By Blogger Govt. of Balochistan, at Tuesday, July 04, 2006  

  • Dear Brother Azaad Baloch,

    I salute you brother. You are not only amazing but are a great analyst, strategist and an outstanding person. We are very proud of you and of your great work and we are all with you. GOB in exile is the only aspiration and final hope of Baloch Nation.


    Dell Gosh Baloch,
    Zamoran, Balochistan.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wednesday, July 05, 2006  

  • Dear Dell Gosh Baloch,

    Thank you very much for your support and for your encouraging words. I’m not alone in the great work that GOB (Exile) is doing; I have the full backing of a number of Baloch people from all walks of life.

    GOB (Exile) and its council members salute back the entire Baloch nation, especially those brave men and women who have joined the “Baloch War of Independence” and are ready to die for Balochistan. We salute their parents to have instilled patriotism in them; we salute their families for accepting their sacrifice; we salute their ancestors for passing down their genes of courage. Their bravery is admirable and has earned them respect and a place in Baloch history.

    But, we cast shame on those Baloch who are loyal to the occupation forces. They have humiliated their ancestors, and their children will be known as the descendents of traitors for generations to come. It will be very hard for these children of traitors to clear their name, but if they join us now in liberating Balochistan, the sins of their ancestors will be forgotten. They will have a chance to make their family’s name shine again.

    Mir Azaad Khan Baloch
    General Secretary
    Government of Balochistan in Exile

    By Blogger Govt. of Balochistan, at Wednesday, July 05, 2006  

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