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Saturday, July 15, 2006

World Baloch Jewish Alliance voices support for India, Israel


WASHINGTON D.C. – World Baloch Jewish Alliance (WBJA) convener and journalist Ahmar Mustikhan has expressed his deepest regrets over the loss of innocent human lives in Mumbai and has deplored that terrorist-smuggler and bin Laden aide Dawood Ebrahim, continues to live a life of luxuries in Pakistan under Pakistan Army protection.

Mustikhan also condemned the unprovoked attacks on Israel by Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists and defended Israel’s right to retaliate and hot pursuit.

“The unfortunate killings in India and terrorism against Israel show Islamic militants are out to destroy peace the world over,” Mustikhan said in a statement Friday evening.

“Pakistani intelligence can no longer hide its role in the criminal acts as they are hand in glove with the Islamic terror outfits, including Al Qaeda,” he said.

In a hard-hitting statement, Mustikhan said Pakistan coup leader Gen Pervez Musharraf had time and again lied to the world public that Ebrahim is not hiding in Pakistan, though Pakistan’s investigative monthly Newsline had at the same time carried an expose on Ebrahim’s life in Pakistan.

“The Newsline reporter Ghulam Hasnain, who also writes for the TIME, was kidnapped just one day before the kidnapping of Wall Street Journal Daniel Pearl,” Mustikhan recalled. He said there is little doubt in his mind Pakistan’s dreaded Inter-services Intelligence (I.S.I) orchestrated the slaying of Pearl on the orders of then I.S.I. chief Gen Mehmud Ahmed. He said Gen Ahmed was the main architect of the coup that put Musharraf into power, adding it’s unfortunate no investigation was done on the link between the kidnappings of the two journalists, Hasnain and Pearl.

Hasnain was released by the Pakistani intelligence after being mentally and physically tortured and never came on public record about his tormentors. He briefly escaped to the U.S. but later returned to Pakistan. Pakistani terrorists released videotapes showing Pearl’s throat being slit.
Just as Musharraf continues to deny that Ebrahim is in Pakistan, Islamabad has hoodwinked the U.S. it can do precious little in arresting terror mastermind Osama bin Laden and Ayman Al-Zawahiri, Mustikhan said.

He said the Baloch people are facing similar terrorist attacks on a daily basis but in Balochistan the Muslim Terrorists are in Pakistan Army uniforms. “The Pakistan Army, the seventh largest in the world is one of the most serious threats to world peace. Business as usual with them would endanger world peace,” he warned.

The Punjabi Muslim army generals are an important link in the worldwide terror networks, the WBJA convener said. “Little wonder, the likes of bin Laden and Dawood Ebrahim have found safe sanctuary in Pakistan,” he said. “At the same time Pakistan has refused to handover father of the Islamic Bomb Abdul Qadeer Khan to nuclear investigators as the army generals fear he would spill the beans on them.”

Mustikhan called Pakistan a failed state where the rogue army is in cahoots with Islamic terrorists, international drug barons and nuclear proliferators.

The WBJA convener urged the free world, especially the U.S., not to forget the blood link between the ongoing Pakistan army operation in Balochistan, the terror attacks in Mumbai, targeting of Israeli civilians and soldiers at the hands of Hamas and Hezbollah and the 9/11 attacks on the U.S.“Pakistan army generals are an integral part of the terror mindset,” he emphasized.

Mustikhan urged immediate suspension of all military and economic aid to Pakistan until such time it hands over Ebrahim to India, bin Laden, Al-Zawahiri, Mullah Omar and Qadeer Khan to U.S., and stops its army operation in Balochistan.

Baloch News Bureau Report

Mir Azaad Khan Baloch
General Secretary
The Government of Balochistan in Exile


  • I enjoyed looking at the flag of Balochistan flanked by the flags of two great Democracies, India and Israel. GOD PROTECT & BLESS INDIA. GOD PROTECT & BLESS ISRAEL. GOD PROTECT AND BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. About Balochistan, please share this prayer with me which is a couplet from one of my published poems in Blochi:
    Man bigindaataa'n,cha marg-aa peysh,aazaatiy-ay rochaa'n;
    Pa Balochistaan-ay dasht u koochagaa'n bey-darwareynaa'n=
    "May I see, before (my)death, the days of freedom;
    For the unparalleled plains and meadows of Balochistan."

    I can assure that a United and Free Balochistan will be a sincere and dependable friend of the civilized world including the USA, India, and Israel.
    Love & Peace,
    Malek Towghi, President,Baloch HumanRights Internatioal

    By Anonymous Malek Towghi, at Sunday, July 16, 2006  

  • Dear Dr. Towghi,

    The day is not far when the flag of Balochistan will flutter in wind next to the flags of all sovereign nations outside the UN building in Geneva.

    Thank you for sharing the prayer from your published works with readers of this blog.

    A democratic, secular, liberal United and Free Balochistan will certainly be friends with India, Israel and U.S.A.

    Mir Azaad Khan Baloch
    General Secretary
    The Government of Balochistan in Exile

    By Blogger Govt. of Balochistan, at Monday, July 17, 2006  

  • Balochi support Zionists? They will never succeed if that is true. The Baloch have no affinity to Zionists. This is utter disgrace.

    By Blogger ConflagrAsian, at Thursday, August 17, 2006  

  • Inshalla, the day is not far that Baluchistan will become an independent country and sacrifice of the great freedom fighter Nawab Akbar Bugti will not be in vain. Let Baluchistan be a free nation. God bless Baluchistan.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wednesday, August 30, 2006  

  • Good luck with your demosntration on Capitol Hill, September 8. I will be writing to my Congressman and Senator in CT to ask for their support for your cause

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Friday, September 01, 2006  

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