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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Balochistan: War of Independence Declared


KALAT, Balochistan – Every nation reaches a mass consensus at some point in their existence that changes the status quo. The ultimate sacrifice by the “Tiger of Balochistan”, Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, to liberate the downtrodden Baloch people from the shackles of slavery and oppression by the Muslim Punjabi-dominated Pakistan is such a moment for the Baloch nation.

The Government of Balochistan (GOB) in Exile declares the “Baloch War of Independence” in Pakistan. The goal of this war is to secure the freedom of the Baloch people by liberating Pakistani-occupied Balochistan. Every nation in the world that supports the aspirations of the Baloch people for freedom must come forward and assist. Self-determination is a basic part of human rights, and various charters of the United Nations recognize it. Hence, it is the right of the Baloch people to liberate Balochistan that was forcibly occupied by Pakistan.

In this “Baloch War of Independence”, the Baloch warriors will not commit any cowardly terrorist acts by killing non-government civilians. Hence, every Baloch must be cognizant of this fact to avoid any collateral damage to the non-government population. But, anyone who works for the Government of Pakistan is the enemy of the Baloch people, and they should be treated in accordance to rules of the Geneva Convention in treating an enemy soldier.

To succeed in this war, “Urban Guerilla Warfare” is the strategy of choice for the Baloch nation. Below are a few tactics that will produce immediate results and can be done by anyone, even a child, who is sincere to liberate Balochistan:

1. It is the duty of every member of the Baloch nation to pick one bullet, engrave FREE BALOCHISTAN on the lead, and then find a Pakistani government official (preferably someone in government-issued uniform) and through the use of firearm imbed that bullet in the enemy soldier’s heart or brain if they do not surrender as Prisoner of War (POW) and continue resisting.

2. The Baloch soldier must find means to deactivate and destroy all government issued equipment. This equipment is being used against the Baloch people in this war. Every government issued and constructed items like automobiles, bicycles, office desks, computers, motorcycles, power plants, papers, mail boxes, pencils, pens, telephones, tanks, cannons, buildings, bridges, airplanes, trains, railway tracks, etc. must be stopped from functioning. However, it is very important to avoid any non-government casualties when decommissioning these tools that are being used to oppress the Baloch nation.

3. Pakistani flag must be burned, and it should be replaced by the flag of an independent Balochistan with the rising sun (which means the beginning of a new nation), similar to the one being promoted by the GOB (Exile).

4. It is imperative that notices are sent to all Muslim Punjabi and Urdu-speaking civilians (excluding Christians, Hindus, Parsees and other non-Muslims) in Balochistan to vacate Balochistan immediately. This must be done to avoid any non-governmental casualties. A Baloch in every community must be appointed to be the guardian of the non-Muslim minorities and keep them away from harms way.

5. Small fighting groups can be formed that will conduct raids on government facilities. Also, one can do any of the activities mentioned as an individual. A person with a small knife can slash the tires of a government vehicle, or cut the telephone wires outside a government building. It is vital that every Baloch must use creativity in finding ways to bring the Pakistani government to a standstill.

6. Through consensus, the Baloch nation must identify the Baloch who are working with the Government of Pakistan in suppressing the Baloch aspirations. These members are traitors, and deserve to be treated as enemy soldiers. Balochistan must be purged of these rats. It is also important to be aware of some Baloch who portray to be nationalists, but their actions prove that they are skeptics who will do everything and anything in their power to create doubt in the hearts of the Baloch people. These skeptics must be treated as traitors and receive the same punishment as the Baloch traitor who is openly supporting the Government of Pakistan.

It is now the duty of every sincere Baloch to go out in the battlefield and liberate Balochistan. Freedom is the goal, and every inch of Balochistan that is occupied by the ruthless Pakistani forces is the battlefield. All Baloch must avenge the death of our great leader, Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti and the numerous Baloch martyrs. May the Baloch win their freedom, once and for all.

Baloch News Bureau Report

Mir Azaad Khan Baloch
General Secretary
The Government of Balochistan in Exile


  • There is a high demand for information on what is going on in Balochistan. How can the rest of us well-wishers outside of Balochistan get maximum access to information, including pictures and video?

    It is important to spread the views of the local people on the ground, and not merely hear the words of the govt in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

    Internet needs to be used in a more complete way, to educate the world on what is going on.

    By Blogger san, at Wednesday, August 30, 2006  

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