The Government of Balochistan in Exile

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Pakistani government fears Baloch aspirations for freedom


KALAT, Balochistan – The military dictatorship of General Pervez Musharraf and his supporter, the Muslim Punjabi Raj, are showing signs of paranoia due to the present crisis in Balochistan. They murdered Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, a man who firmly believed in peacefully resolving the hostility between the Pakistani occupying forces and the Baloch nationalists. He was the most important Baloch leader who could have helped Pakistan prolong its occupation of Balochistan, but alas the Punjabi arrogance was blinded by greed of usurping Baloch national wealth and could not wait to patiently negotiate an equitable solution.

The Muslim Punjabi Raj is mistaken in their belief that all they need on their side to stabilize and win hearts in Balochistan are the so-called Baloch loyalist puppets like Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali, Jam Muhammad Yousaf, Zubaida Jalal, and other Baloch collaborators who are worse than specks of refuse in a pig’s den. These traitors deserve to be torn apart into pieces by patriotic Baloch with their bare hands and fed to the jackals. Their filthy flesh is not even fit to be served to a loyal and obedient dog of a Baloch master.

The weaknesses and fears of the Punjabi-dominated Pakistani government and its armed forces is clearly evident by the conflicting actions and statements of the conniving government officials and state-sponsored media, some of which are listed below:

  • To blame the extreme under-development of infrastructure and social programs in Balochistan on three tribal chieftains (Nawabs and Sardars) is ludicrous. The Pakistani government proudly claims that 74 out 77 tribal chiefs are loyal to the Punjabi Raj, they boldly usurp Baloch national wealth, they collect tax from the people of Pakistan, they beg and receive development aid from all over the world, and yet Balochistan was ignored for so many years. Furthermore, they also accept the fact (because it is clearly visible) that for the last 58 years since the occupation of Baloch territory, all previous Pakistani governments have neglected Balochistan. But, overnight they have decided to come out clean and turn sincere to the Baloch people by correcting all the wrongs done in the past. The Punjabi Raj is simply building castles in the sky and trying to fool the Baloch people, once again.
  • Name calling the Baloch freedom fighters as “miscreants” or “pigmies” in all government sponsored public statements will not negate the status of the Baloch soldiers who are considered national heroes of Balochistan. Throwing insults at Baloch martyr, Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, is not going to gain kudos for Pakistani military dictator, General Pervez Musharraf, nor will it scare a Baloch nationalist into submission. In fact, these insults are strengthening the resolve of every red-blooded Baloch to fight harder to end the oppression of the Baloch people. Even moderate Baloch are now joining the nationalist movement en mass.
  • High-ranking Pakistani government officials making contradictory statements every hour just shows how uncertain they are about keeping their lies to sound truthful. The Punjabi morons think that the people of the world are gullible and will buy their lies. But, in reality, they are simply fooling themselves into believing that they are outsmarting everyone else.
  • The Punjabi Raj has mastered the game of blaming Afghanistan, India, Israel, and the U.S. for fanning the flame of insurgency in Balochistan instead of standing tall and accepting responsibility for themselves being the root-cause of Baloch discontentment. Remarkably enough, these four countries have democratic governments, and the Punjabi-dominated military dictatorship of General Pervez Musharraf and the Punjabi Raj have the audacity to blame them for Pakistan’s woes in Balochistan.
  • To diffuse all the animosity directed at Punjab province of Pakistan by the oppressed nationalities, the Punjabi Raj is now getting ready to rename Punjab and call it by three different names. This Punjabi circus is not going to change the reality since the ethnic composition of the territory will remain Punjabi. The Punjabi-dominated military and government will not change either. So, who would this name-change benefit except to camouflage the conniving Muslim Punjabis so they can continue to subjugate the minorities.
  • The fact remains that Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti was killed in battle while valiantly fighting the Punjabi-dominated Pakistani armed forces to liberate Balochistan. There is no force in the world that can deny this fact because it is the truth. Even if the Punjabi imbeciles try to concoct stories with their white lies, it will not change history. Forwarding theories about how he was killed, or some other figment of their imagination is not going to make any difference. The Baloch nation is proud of Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti for sacrificing his life for his people, and his death will be avenged by every man, woman, and child of Baloch ethnicity.
  • Fearing that the Baloch people would respond violently if they saw the dead body of Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti or find out how he was killed (perhaps by chemical weapons), the Punjabi Raj put a padlock on his coffin and hurriedly buried him without the presence of a single member of his family. This despicable act is the ultimate disrespect bestowed upon the Baloch nation by the Punjabi Raj. NEVER will anyone who claims to be a Baloch will forgive the Punjabi Raj for this shameless act. They have the audacity to disallow the bereaved family of Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti and the Baloch nation to honorably bury him.
  • The brazen Punjabi Raj is once again trying to deceive and confuse the world community by circulating a story that Mir Baalach Khan Marri wanted to settle an old score with Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, and therefore, got him killed. The mouthpiece of Pakistani intelligence organizations, News Central Asia, has published an article, Pakistani Balochistan: Akbar Bugti Case -- Startling Details Come to Light by Tariq Saeedi in Ashgabat and Habibullah in Quetta. The purpose of this article is to downplay the importance of Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti’s ultimate sacrifice for the Baloch nation, and divide the Baloch tribes into believing that Mir Baalach Khan Marri committed the murder. However, these Pakistani snoops forgot an important characteristic of Baloch culture that considers such ghastly acts as below the dignity of the worst Baloch. To even suggest that honorable Nawabzada Mir Baalach Khan Marri may have committed such an act is hurling insults at the Baloch nation once again (perhaps people in Punjab act in such a manner).

It is pathetic to see the ‘mighty’ Punjabi Raj with its modern armed forces and nuclear arms to stoop so low to hide their crime. They are now trying their best to create a chasm in Baloch unity, which is rapidly gaining strength and momentum. But, there is nothing in the world that is going to change the fact that the Muslim Punjabis are the killers of the Baloch leader, Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti. The Punjabi Raj can do all their song-n-dance to appease the world community, but it is not going to affect the Baloch consciousness. It is crystal clear that the Baloch people cannot live under Muslim Punjabi hegemony. The Baloch nation is now fighting the “Baloch War of Independence”, and they will not rest until Balochistan is liberated. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Pakistan is ready to be Balkanized. The process of disintegration of Punjabi Raj has begun.

Baloch News Bureau Report

Mir Azaad Khan Baloch
General Secretary
The Government of Balochistan in Exile


  • Baluchis are a fierce tribe. They are never subdued in their entire
    history except in the last 50 years where they were made slaves of
    Punjabis in the name of Pakistan.

    Right now, it is fair to say that they are slaves of Punjabis. Their
    land is not theirs. They cannot speak in their language in assembly.
    If they speak in Baluchi language in "Pakistani parliament" the mike
    would be switched off and they will be forced to speak in Urdu.

    When all the tribal leaders were opposed to the merger of Balochistan
    into Pakistan, only Akbar Khan Bugti put faith in Pakistan and was a
    prime mover in Balochistan' s integration with Pakistan.

    And Pakistan has paid its thanks to Bugti in the language only
    Punjabis can understand.

    Now all the tribes and clans of Balochistan are opposed to Pakistan.
    They want freedom from Pakistan. But how to get it?

    There are two ways for it.

    One is the old way.

    In this way, the Baluchis need to become gurilla fighters and take on
    the might of the Pakistan army. It may result in freedom from Pakistan
    or it may die down when all the Baluchi fighters are killed. All those
    great fighters would die with the dream of free Balochistan which may
    never be fulfilled. There are many such struggles going on all over
    the world which are producing nothing but deaths for the youth.
    Generations of children are wasted and death by massive military
    machines are destroying the future for the youngsters. Rebellion
    would be ruthlessly crushed by the might of Pakistani military machine
    that is been constantly fed by the money that is produced in
    Balochistan. We might lose around 60000 youngsters before reaching any
    agreement with Pakistani army. Yet, there is no guarantee that there
    will be free Balochistan. To our sadness, we might even see that the
    entire baluchi tribes are wiped off the face of earth by this rebellion.

    But there is another way. That is the peaceful way, but will surely
    result in free Balochistan.

    This is not the way of Gandhi. If Gandhi would appear in Balochistan,
    Pakistan army would not think twice before shooting Gandhi in a point
    blank and move on. Pakistani army would not respect Gandhi like
    British did. That is not the peaceful way I am suggesting.

    The way I suggest may make you uncomfortable and not willing to take
    the leap. But in my opinion, it is much more preferable than the death.

    The peaceful way is to become Hindus.

    The entire edifice of Pakistan is built on the concept of Islamic
    nation. The four provinces are tied together in the name of pakistan
    because of Islam.

    If entire population of Balochistan declares themselves as Hindus,
    what right pakistan has over Balochistan?

    It is not one person converting to Hinduism. It has to be entire
    Balochistan converting to Hinduism. If entire Balochistan become
    Hindu, then immediately Pakistan loses the reason for Balochistan to
    be part of Pakistan. If few Baluchis convert to Hinduism, they would
    be arrested and tried in Blasphemy courts. So the tribal leaders
    should decide beforehand and announce together that entire Balochistan
    adopting Hinduism. Then Pakistani govt cannot arrest entire
    Balochistan, can they? If all the people of Angaria,
    Baloch, Barija, Bhutani, Bhutta, Bizenjo, Brahmani, Bugti, Buledi,
    Burfat, Buzdar, Domki, Jadgal, Gabol, Gichki, Gola, Hasni, Hoti, Jam,
    Jamali, Jamoot, Jamote, Jattak, Kalmati, Kalpar, Kansi, Khetran, Khosa,
    Kolachi, Lari, Lashari, Lasi, Leghari, Magsi, Marri, Masuri, Mengal,
    Nausherwani, Nothazai, Regi,Rahija Raisani, Rind, Sanjrani, Sasooli,
    Shambhani, Talpur, Umrani, Wadhela, Zardari tribal leaders get
    together and decide to convert to Hinduism, what can Punjabis do?

    If we declare ourselves as Hindus, then Punjabis can do nothing about
    it. We are not declaring a war on Pakistan militarily. But we are
    declaring a war on Pakistan and its concept. Pakistan has no option
    other than to leave Balochistan. Without lifting a single rifle, we
    would attack pakistan in a way which destroy pakistan in a way
    unimaginable. Since the entire concept of pakistan is built on
    anti-Hindu and anti-India mentality, nothing would devastate Pakistan
    like Balochistan converting to Hinduism. Punjabis would seeth in
    anger, they would call us traiters and infidels. But, they can do
    nothing about it. Punjabis can tolerate if Balochistan becomes
    Christian or Buddist. If we become Christian, then Pakistan would
    treat us like people of the book and continue to rule over us. But
    they can never tolerate and accept if Balochistan becomes Hindu. That
    is where it should hurt. The enemy is not punjabi. The enemy is the
    concept of Pakistan. Once we destroy the concept of Pakistan, the
    freedom is automatic. Once this is done, the whole edifice of Pakistan
    would fall flat.

    If entire population of Balochistan leave Islam and become Hindus,
    then it would become a major world news. Then India and the world
    would take notice. Then the oppression of Balochistan under Pakistani
    punjabi rule would become a world issue.

    If Pakistan needs to hold on to Balochistan, then it has to declare
    itself as secular nation which it can never do.

    Punjabis are asking for Kashmir because it has Muslim majority. If
    that is the case, what right they will have if Balochistan become
    Hindu? India has many regions that are muslim majority and some
    regions that are Christian majority. That is why India is a secular
    nation. But Pakistan prides itself as the Islamic nation. All the
    regions have Muslim majority. If Balochistan becomes Hindu, then the
    entire Pakistan collapses.

    Let me make another thing clear. I dont suggest that all the Baluchis
    should be Hindus for eternity. Hinduism does not have blasphemy laws.
    Once the free Balochistan is achieved, then we can make this as a
    secular nation where people can follow any religion including Islam.

    Free Balochistan!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Saturday, September 16, 2006  

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