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Monday, September 04, 2006

Hoist the flag of Balochistan to express solidarity for the Baloch Freedom Struggle


KALAT, Balochistan – The flag of Balochistan symbolizes the struggle of every Baloch to free Balochistan from the Iranian and Pakistani occupation. It is the duty of every ethnic Baloch to hoist this flag all over Balochistan. The Baloch nation must unite under this flag and express their solidarity by displaying it wherever they can, even if it is outside of Balochistan. In reality, this flag must replace all flags of occupation forces on Baloch territory. The flag of Balochistan should convey a message to the occupation forces in particular and the world in general that the Baloch nation wants FREEDOM.

The colors and images of the flag of Balochistan symbolizes the following:

  • GREEN: It is the color of prosperity – the dry barren land of Balochistan turns green after rainfall as small plants sprout. Liberty is like rainfall, and when achieved, it will sprout the Baloch nation into prosperity.
  • RED: It is the color of blood, hardiness and valor – the Baloch martyrs proudly sacrificed their life and shed their blood on the soil of Balochistan for liberty.
  • BLUE: It is the color of ocean and sky, and it signifies vigilance, perseverance and justice – the Baloch will continue their struggle until freedom is achieved and justice is served.
  • WHITE: It is the color of peace, purity and innocence – the Baloch people want to live in peace and harmony as a free nation.
  • RISING SUN: It is a sign of a new beginning – the Baloch nation begins a new day as a free nation.

Below are a few images of the flag of Balochistan from around the world:

Flaq of Balochistan displayed in Oslo, Norway

Flag of Balochistan displayed in London, UK

Baloch News Bureau Report

Mir Azaad Khan Baloch
General Secretary
The Government of Balochistan in Exile



    Riots erupt in Turbat after arrest of editor of local newspaper

    QUETTA (Online): Riots erupted in Turbat on Monday after arrest of editor of local newspaper while Police and personnel of Law Enforcement agencies foiled various attempt to burn Public Property. As per details, hundreds of people protested over the arrest of editor of Chamag newspaper Rafiq Ajiz in Turbat and tried to burn public property. Angry mob pelted stone on shops, causing damage to windowpane of various shops. Police and personnel of law enforcement agencies fired tear gas shelling to disperse angry mob. It is to be mentioned that Rafiq Ajiz Editor of Chamag newspaper was arrested by security forces from his house.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Tuesday, September 05, 2006  

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